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Rebecca The Artist

I remember Magnus asking me about my ambitions for my art.
I replied that I would love if Tronsmo Bookstore in Oslo would put my photobook Remembrance – a tribute to my mum – in their shelves. There it would be alongside the idols from when I started out as a photographer.

Magnus felt the answer was a bit lame, so he asked again, this time a bit more enthusiastic;

What if you allowed yourself to dream bigger, give it 10 or 20 years – what would be possible?

After a few moments of hesitation I blurted out: Arles!

I would love if my pictures were screened in Arles! (The Oscars of Photo Festivals in south of France)

Six months after this conversation, Remembrance was found in the shelfs of Tronsmo.

And four months later I got the privilege to attend the screening of my photos from Remembrance in Arles. It truly felt like a miracle. ❤

If you want to see pictures from Remembrance yourself, or stay updated on new projects based on our nomadic and early retired lifestyle visit


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