Funding hearts

Funding hearts

We’ve been frustrated for a while now how money have replaced love as the highest value in society. Until we just realised that money represents the security to receive love.

The love of your grandchildren by spoiling them with a trip to Disney World, or the love of your fiancee by surprising him or her with a cruise to the Caribbean. This is not true love off course, neither is it true security either.

Until we transcend this illusionary narrative of money, it will keep its unserving position amongst us.

A position we are inspired to challenge, by starting what we call Funding Hearts. Funding Hearts is about supporting our extended family to express their heart and to create a more loving society, but also to have them experience the instant happiness we all have the potential for – the TRUE love and happiness received from within.

So who have we supported so far?

Meet Demaree!

With the brightest soul and the biggest heart in the northern hemisphere.

Demaree is a Reiki Master, and her big heart beats for the less privileged of us – the people in the halfway houses, mental institutions and drug rehabilitation centres.

To serve this community Demaree started the Wonderful Wednesdays where she takes off work, drives to an inner city neighbourhood and gives her gift of Reiki.

Its been so fun to be part of this project all the way from the beginning around the kitchen table, to the photoshoot, the making of her awesome DemaReiki business cards and going with her on the first Wonderful Wednesday?

Follow Demarees journey on Instagram @Demareiki

 Meet Elle!

Elle in her garden
© Rebecca Ravneberg

Warm, wise and with a crazy, contagious smile! Elle is passionate about vegan food and her heart beats for teen moms, having been a teen mom herself.

Every other week she cooks delicious homemade vegan dishes at Place of Hope, a maternity home for young mothers.

It’s a privilege for us to participate in this project by funding parts of the food expenses for the next six months.

There’s not one person or one project that’s going to change the world, but millions of inspired hearts that every day do their share to make the world a bit brighter.

 Keep up with Elle on Instagram @Momentarymuse


Meet Janina!

Janina Sukhu in her garden
© Rebecca Ravneberg

Janina had a dream, and Rebecca ordered plane tickets without wearing her glasses? So suddenly we had 10 extra days in LA! Now what to do?

Luckily we didn’t have to wonder too long before we decided to help Janina in making her dream come true.

Together we came up with her new business name Beyond Healthy With Janina. We built and decorated two offices(!) had several photo shoots, got new business cards, and built a brand new website – at night(!) When Freyja was sleeping.

Have a look!

At the end we celebrated her new Health Coach business with a badass kick off party?
It’s crazy what we can do in such a short time when we’re motivated out of heart and not money.

It’s becoming clear to us that our calling is to live a life of service, facilitating the dreams of others to come true?❤️? Thank you Janina for trusting us with your home, heart, dreams and credit card;) Can’t wait to follow your journey.

Stay in touch with Janina on Instagram @beyondhealthywithjanina


Is there any hearts to fund in your life?

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