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In real life we are a semi-retired couple who spend most of our days outside in nature, however we do bring our iPad every now and then and read our mail. And yes, even though we are only able to respond to a small portion of the messages, we read every single one. And we truly do appreciate your messages.

Financial Advice

We are not financial advisors and investing do come with a risk. We do not give personal advice. We are huge fans of sharing our story, and inspire as many people as possible to follow their passion.

Our journey to financial independence started with Tony Robbins book MONEY Master the Game. We have had so much fun reading it, and implementing it in our lives!
It has given us the courage to dream bigger, to bring consciousness to our finances and questioning the necessities of our expenses. It’s also a book about becoming financially free for a reason – to live our purpose. As real wealth is unleashed in your life the moment you find something you care for so deeply you will give it your all.

We are proud Mustachians!

Apparently we are not the only ones retiring in our 30s. Mr. Money Mustache, his wife and baby boy at the time, did exactly what we did only ten years ago(!) And we who thought we were clever.

We simply love how he explains on his blog how it’s all simple math, that we don’t need as much income as we think we do, and how we are not supposed to optimize for money; we are supposed to optimize for happiness. And the best part about retiring? You will still have a lot of interests and passions after retiring, you will just have more fun and confidence doing it. On the MMM Forums you can even post your own questions.

Interviews and Creative Collaborations

The aim of this site and our Instagram is to create a world where people follow their heart, take a leap of faith, escape the rat race, and find their true passion.

We say yes to most invitations to work with established newspapers, magazines, TV and radio as long as the writer and interviewer seems to understand what we are doing and that they are working on a full story.