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Planning our next trip while enjoying the view in Ireland.

We’re on a mission to make a beautiful tomorrow for Freyja. A thriving planet where people have unrestricted access to express their potential. A world of people following their heart, and where we all get to be, share and experience unconditional love.

If you want to support us you can do so without costing you a dime. You’re actually saving a dime! Hey, were about #FIRE right? 😉


We’re lovers of Airbnb.

Of travel made affordable through peer to peer accommodation. Of seeing and experiencing a new city with the help from warm, inspired and loving hosts.

We have spent our fair share of nights at hotels during our careers. And some of them were nice. Still, we’ve yet to experience the hotel staff taking us to their uncles Rosh Hashanah celebration in Tel Aviv, dancing with us in Tokyos best arcades, or joining us to go knocking on celebrities doors in Florida. Our airbnb hosts on the other hand have done all that, as well as making us paleo diet pancakes for breakfast, and arranging an open mic comedy spot at the local bar.

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We’re lovers of Uber.

Of effortless and frontrunning technology that makes for affordable transportation, through a renaissance of ridesharing. For some reason, cab rides have always been an element of frustration during our travels. Hazardous driving, scams and disputes when confronting this issues. Until Uber entered the arena, and with its transparent technology and customer reviews has completely removed this as an issue during our travels.

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We’re lovers of TrustedHousesitters.

Of looking after beautiful homes, while the owners are enjoying some well deserved vacation. We’re lovers of experiencing new cities and new cultures for free, while having a furry local guide showing us the neighborhood while giving big kisses to Freyja.

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