We believe in one unified world nation.
With no boarders and no military.
No war, no starvation and no discrimination.
Not even work as we know of work today.
We believe in one currency, and in sharing.
We believe in an infinite long life, a life of abundance and dignity for all. 
We believe in creation.

Sounds far fetched and crazy? 
We would say anything else would be insane.

So where do we start you might ask. And what a great question that is:)
Lets start with the three visions that we are the most passionate about these days.
If any of them speaks to your heart, please reach out to us on Instagram.

1. A Generation of #FIRE

High on adrenaline, just after becoming a dad, I held Freyja in my arms and gave her a bold promise: That before I die, I’ll make sure that the world is not only saved from extinction, but will thrive for all time. Adrenaline or not – it’s a promise I’m committed to keep. On average I have 15.000 days left, so I’ve decided to start by making sure that Freyja is financially free the day she turns 18. And along the way I’ll do my best to inspire other parents to do the same. Then a whole generation can spend all their adult life healing themselves and the planet, while having fun.

2. One Key Community

During one of our conversations about creating a community, Freyja made us realize that community can take place in so many forms.

You see Freyja is quite into keys. And whenever she gets a hold of a set of keys she tries to open every door that she comes a cross, which also includes our neighbours doors;)  

At first we told her that our key will only fit to the house where we are staying, but then we were reminded about the Norwegian Tourist Organization, that runs hundreds of cabins in the mountains. If you have one of their keys, it fits them all.

Now how cool wouldn’t it be if ONE key would fit all the houses in the world? We know it’s a big dream, but it motivated us to build a network of like minded people around the globe for the next two decades. And inspire them all to put a smart lock on their door with a shared code. Then our kids will have plenty of houses to choose from giving them the opportunity to stay anywhere in the world for free.

3. The Lifehacker Curriculum

We are truly inspired to homeschool Freyja, and these days we have great fun sharing ideas on putting together a perfect curriculum. So far we call it the LifeHacker Curriculum, inspired by the Lifehacker movement that specializes in breaking down any skill to teach it in the most efficient way possible.  

Our intended outcome for the homeschooling is for Freyja to live with peak quality of life. That she can live her calling by expressing her talent. And we want to get there with as few homeschooling hours invested as possible.

We trust that a talent will be expressed naturally if not disrupted. So our main focus is on removing the main factor that corrupts living ones passion – needing money. Simply by first learning Freyja to live without money – to thrive in nature. Gathering food, building shelter and making fire. Secondly we will learn her to create a passive income. And lastly we will teach her how to utilise technology to its fullest extent. Where every repetitive element of her life gets handled effortlessly by a digital assistant – freeing all her time to playfully develop and express her talent.


Selected interviews

If you want to get to know us a bit better, and hear about our core vision to create a world where people follow their heart – check out some of these selected interviews and media appearances. The interviews listed are in Norwegian and Danish.